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Learn how to put together the pieces of your "wellness puzzle" - it's so much more than what you eat! Emily Tiberio, our in-house Holistic Nutritionist, takes a well-rounded approach to your nutrition, physical activity, encouraging a positive mindset and offering personal support to help you work towards living your healthiest, happiest life!


All are welcome! Join Emily for a personal 15-minute "Coffee Chat" and a complimentary cup of organic coffee or tea at Java Hut, inside our Chippewa store or chat with her on the phone, free of charge.​​


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Eat Right for Life

No diets. No gimmicks. Just food.

Our certified Holistic Nutritionist, Emily M. Tiberio, is the creator of the Eat Right for Life nutrition and lifestyle guide, and a collaborator with Health Hut Stores as Your Wellness Puzzle, LLC. 

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Note: Online orders are subject to $3.00 PayPal processing fee. To avoid this, visit the Chippewa Health Hut Store and ask for the Your Wellness Puzzle New Client Bundle at the register!


Ready to learn how to EAT RIGHT FOR LIFE and balance a long-term wholesome, healthy lifestyle? Here's what you'll get as a new client:

  • Personalized copy of the Eat Right for Life nutrition & lifestyle guide

  • 5-Week Daily Journal to help guide you and stay the course on your wellness journey

  • Two Hours of in-person counseling sessions to create a custom meal plan & a healthy lifestyle strategy tailored just for you. Initial session is 60 minutes; the remaining hour can be broken into two 30-minute sessions, if desired.

  • Ongoing support after the initial two hours - you're not in this alone!

  • A goody-bag of favorite Health Hut product samples to get you started.

  • A FREE 30-minute Follow Up Session to help keep you on track with your goals.

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