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Special Orders

Every 2 weeks, we place orders for Sami's Bakery Low-Carb/Gluten Free baked goods and local (organic!) sourdough from Joe's Sourdough Breads in nearby Lisbon, OH. These breads freeze well, so don't be afraid to order extra!

Note: Orders must be placed before 10AM on Tuesday the week of delivery.

Want something from Sami's Bakery that's not listed on our form? We can order anything on their website! Browse Sami's shop here and let us know in the "Special Order" section of the form which product and how many you want. Note that our prices will be higher than those listed in their shop to cover the cost of shipping.

 Sami's Bakery 

 Joe's Sourdough Breads 

 Bulk Order & Save 20% 

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