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PUBLIC BULLETIN: Those who regret getting vaccinated can still neutralize the inevitable mRNA damage. Click here to read.

COVID Vaccine Information

  • Experimental injection that has NOT been FDA approved, having only received Emergency Authorization. The Pfizer Phase 3 trial contained 22 people, a normal Phase 3 vaccine trial contains at least 25,000. In addition, the shortest time frame in which a vaccine was ever developed was four (4) years.

  • MRNA technology is, in truth, gene therapy. It has NEVER been safely used in a vaccine. Which makes this mass vaccination during a pandemic a huge money making experiment for the pharmaceutical industry. Moderna has never before created a vaccine or medicine for human use. As per Pfizer and Moderna package inserts, this treatment has not been tested to show if cancer, genetic damage or sterility could result from injection.

  • These companies have been granted immunity against claims of injury resulting from this genetic therapy. In a CNBC interview, lawyers told the interviewer that there is no one to blame in a court of law for severe vaccine injury. There will be no one to help with funeral costs and hospital bills.

  • In an effort to develop an MRNA vaccine in 2003 to battle SARS-COV-1, there was testing in animals (ferrets being one because of the similarity to the human immune system). The ferrets received the first and second doses of the vaccine and did fine, but all developed SEVERE illness when exposed to the virus in the wild. Most of them died. This is due to a phenomenon called pathogenic priming (which could be the least of your worries about this gene therapy).

  • By admission of the producing companies, this genetic therapy does not stop infection or transmission of SARS-COV-2. The only possible benefit could be the lessening of symptoms in some people, as with an antiviral medicine (see inserts from Pfizer and Moderna). This is being called a vaccine so that they will have legal protection under the PREP Act.

  • It is not possible to “detox” from this genetic therapy, as it creates permanent changes in the messaging processes of your body. As per Vaccine Specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche, this is a “software update” for your immune system. Psalm 139:15 states that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and we are made in the image of God. We need no “updating of our software.”

  • This injectable genetic therapy contains polyethylene glycol (PEG), which has never before been used in an injectable and can cause extremely severe allergic reactions, possibly even death.

  • As of September 10, 2021 Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports as follows:
    o    Deaths – 14,925
    o    Hospitalizations – 60,741
    o    Urgent Care Visits – 80,393
    o    Office Visits – 110,839
    o    Anaphylaxis – 5,959
    o    Bell’s Palsy – 8,156
    o    Heart Attacks – 6,637
    o    Miscarriages –1,862
    o    Severe Allergic Reactions – 28,168


  • As if the above information were not enough to make you think twice before being injected with this pseudovaccine, please be aware that the human DNA used to manufacture this product are from aborted fetal tissue, and to maintain tissue viability these children were taken via C-Section, wrapped, refrigerated and kept alive for approximately 24 hours before they were dissected to make cell lines for most vaccines. Don’t believe it? Look up HEK293 or MRC5. The end does not justify the means…

  • Depending on age, this virus has a 95 – 99% survival rate. That rate goes up even further if within the first day or two of infection, healthy measures are taken. See us here at the Health Hut for help on this subject. We are always happy to empower our Health Hut family with the knowledge they need to be as healthy as they possibly can.

Additional Resources: a few URLs to gather your own information - all of the links below will connect with doctor’s that have spoken out:

Declining a Vaccine: “Refusal” may seem belligerent. Instead:

  • Ask the doctor if this “vaccine” has HEK293 or MRC3 – you then have the right to decline, based on religious convictions.

  • Ask the doctor if there is a possibility of iatrogenic reaction (all vaccines have this possibility), especially due to PEG (polyethylene glycol). This gives you the right to refuse.

  • Thank them for their concern and remind them of their oath to “Do No Harm.”

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