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HIGHLIGHTS: Speakers Jenn Costolo & Diana Campbell

“The Greatest Form of Social Activism is Keeping Your Body in the Best Health”


“Censorship, Religious Exemptions and Corporate Influences Limiting Health Freedoms”

We've received multiple inquiries about video footage from our May 8th event co-sponsored by Health Freedom PA. Videographer Con Engels is generously donating his time to edit and publish the 3 hours of footage, and we'll release it as it becomes available.

Many of you are likely joining us from the Health Hut Tribe. While our private group is a wonderful community resource, the level of social media censorship severely limits our ability to discuss topics of this nature online. FB is actively monitoring all posts, including those within groups - and we can't risk "trigger words" shutting our entire voice down on the platform.

That said, we encourage discussion and questions - but we ask that you please keep comments regarding the seminar content contained here on our website using the forms embedded in the blog. Direct friends & family here by sharing the URL directly via email or message, and help spread the truth!


HOW TO GET NOTIFICATIONS ABOUT NEW VIDEOS: Leave a comment (scroll below) and you'll be able to join the community and will get an email notification whenever a new post is published. Thank you for being here!


(Video will open in a new tab, hosted by videographer Con Engels of Right For Liberty)


Other presentations from this event will be released as they become available:

  • Pastor Larry Benttencourt:

“Fight The Good Fight of Faith, and our fight is our values”

  • Jenn Costolo of Health Hut Stores

"The Greatest Form of Social Activism is Keeping Your Body in the Best Health"

  • Diana Campbell of Health Freedom PA

"Censorship, Religious Exemptions and Corporate Influences Limiting Heath Freedoms"

  • Bill Halle of Butler School Board

"Protecting School Board Authority & Keeping Decisions Local"

"Unmask the Children, regarding Unconstitutional LIBERTY stealing Masking of the Children and Adults"

  • Toni Shuppe of Audit the Vote PA

"Regarding election integrity, and Ballet Questions for May 18th Election"

  • Kelly Miller, Host & Owner of Health Hut Stores

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