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Tuesday is our weekly Discount Day at Health Hut — and today, it's even better because we're celebrating Kevin & Kelly's wedding anniversary!

In addition to saving at least 10% on nearly EVERYTHING in the store, each purchase today (10/11) gets you a chance to win a pair of tickets to our Health & Freedom Event ($40.00 value)!

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Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Empower Yourself to make Healthy & Informed Choices for You & Your Family: a day of Speakers, Interactive Vendor Demonstrations, Education, Community, Food Trucks, Raffles and more!

VIP Tickets ($50) Include:

  • Reserved seating near main stage

  • Exclusive VIP room access throughout the day

  • Organic coffee & light breakfast (VIP Breakfast starts at 9AM)

  • Speaker Meet & Greet

  • Wellness Swag Bag / T-Shirt & VIP Lanyard

  • Special performance by Brynn Marie Himes

  • 20 Raffle Tickets

General Admission Tickets ($20) Include:

  • 1 Free Raffle Ticket

Proceeds from this event benefit Health Freedom PA, which provides education and resources to make informed health choices for yourself and your family. HFPA strives to create empowered individual advocates and build the confidence needed to take action to influence public policy.

AVOID EVENTBRITE FEES: Tickets are available for purchase at Health Hut Stores in Chippewa and Beaver!

Topics & Speakers:

  • "Healing at the Speed of Silver & Copper" by Robert Scott Bell - Radio Talk Show Host -

  • "Unbiased Science" by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler - Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge -

  • "Fighting for your Health" by Dr. Josh Himes, PHD, ND - Holistic Health Practitioner, Former Professional Boxer, Beaver County Native

  • "A Journey through Autism Recovery" by Scott Shoemaker - President of Health Freedom Ohio, Former Autism Parent

  • "Taking a Stand" by Pastor Mike Coleman - Edgewood Church -

  • "Pursuing Freedom and Fully Informed Birth Choices" by Jennifer Nelson - The Pittsburgh Midwife -

  • "God's Medicine vs Rockefeller Medicine" by Justin Porter - Health Coach and Educator

  • "What is Health Care?" by Dr. Linda D'Eramo, DO - Deramo Family Medicine -

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In our final session, we look at the difference between synthetic, lab-created pharmaceuticals and whole, food-based supplements. Bonus video below! Also:

  • The 15 Most Dangerous Drugs (prescription, illicit, and some that are available OTC!)

  • Alarming statistics about prescriptions in the US

  • Drug-induced nutritional deficiencies (make sure you're supplementing with what your medications deplete!)

  • "Frood/Frankenfood"

  • Are you getting enough of your vitamins & minerals? Therapeutic Range vs RDA


03:16 Introduction

05:05 Prescription Statistics

06:07 Top 15 Most Dangerous Drugs

33:14 More concerning Prescription Statistics

33:53 Drug-induced Nutritional Deficiencies

39:13 "Side" Effects?

41:20 The problem with "treats" during chemotherapy

43:34 "Frood/Frankenfood" - guess how many POUNDS of additives Americans eat every year!

45:14 Why we need supplements

46:04 Therapeutic Range vs RDA

51:05 Why it matters where you get your vitamins & supplements

51:39 Jenn's trip to the Natural Factors organic farm in British Columbia


Pharm or Farm - PowerPoint
Download PDF • 1.53MB

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