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In our final session, we look at the difference between synthetic, lab-created pharmaceuticals and whole, food-based supplements. Bonus video below! Also:

  • The 15 Most Dangerous Drugs (prescription, illicit, and some that are available OTC!)

  • Alarming statistics about prescriptions in the US

  • Drug-induced nutritional deficiencies (make sure you're supplementing with what your medications deplete!)

  • "Frood/Frankenfood"

  • Are you getting enough of your vitamins & minerals? Therapeutic Range vs RDA


03:16 Introduction

05:05 Prescription Statistics

06:07 Top 15 Most Dangerous Drugs

33:14 More concerning Prescription Statistics

33:53 Drug-induced Nutritional Deficiencies

39:13 "Side" Effects?

41:20 The problem with "treats" during chemotherapy

43:34 "Frood/Frankenfood" - guess how many POUNDS of additives Americans eat every year!

45:14 Why we need supplements

46:04 Therapeutic Range vs RDA

51:05 Why it matters where you get your vitamins & supplements

51:39 Jenn's trip to the Natural Factors organic farm in British Columbia

Pharm or Farm - PowerPoint
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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

With special guest speaker Caroline Golmic, Certified Natural Health Professional, Certified Holistic Health Professional, and soon-to-be Naturopathic Doctor! Learn more about her and her practice in Ellwood City, Terrain Natural Health, at her website here. She's also on Facebook & Instagram @terrainnaturalhealth.

In Caroline's words: "I had a great time last night speaking at the Health Hut ‘s lecture series! We discussed our children’s health. We talked about our role and responsibility in our own health and the health of our family, foundations of our children’s health, and effective ways to incorporate healthy choices into our busy lives.

  • You choose WHAT they eat, they choose WHEN and HOW MUCH they eat.

  • Create dedicated space in refrigerator and pantry for each child and fill with parent-approved food.

  • Crowd out the bad with good. Add colorful fruits/veggies to every meal. Even if the meal is (organic, non gmo) Mac & cheese!

  • Learn to look at labels and avoid things like artificial colors & high fructose corn syrup.

  • Include your children in meal planning and meal prep. Will it take longer and make a mess? Yep! But including them in the process will make certain foods less scary and also will give some feeling of control to your little ones when they get to pick what meal the family will eat (together).

  • Remember, it’s less important to control the behavior of your children than it is to control your own behavior. More is caught than taught. If we don’t make time to slow down and incorporate healthy lifestyle choices now, we will eventually be forced to slow down due to dis-ease in our overall health."


00:34 Introducing Caroline Golmic

03:06 "You Are Well Made"

10:22 3 Steps to Healing (Physically, Mentally & Spiritually)

12:05 Testimony about Crohn's Disease: conventional care vs holistic care

17:16 Children Today: what makes them susceptible to autoimmune disease20:20 Tdap & Flu Shots during pregnancy

22:18 Air, Food, Water & Environment: Detoxing our children's bodies

25:00 Terraining Camp: Terrain Theory vs Germ Theory

49:54 Chiropractic Care is for kids, too!

51:27 Critical Supplements

55:05 Don't fear the fever!

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Did you know that Health Hut Jenn is a Certified Herbalist? Join us to learn how healing herbs from ancient texts are still very relevant to us today, and how to implement them into your daily wellness routine.

See below for topic time stamps, biblical references and a downloadable PDF version of the slide show with benefits of each herb listed!

00:17 Introduction & Devotion: "The Right Spice" - John 10:10

03:10 The Hyssop Branch at Passover - Exodus 12:21-22

05:39 The Aprocrypha - what does it have to do with herbs?

06:13 Healing Herbs revealed to Noah - Book of Jubilees 10:12

07:49 ALOE - John 19:39

09:11 ANISE - Matthew 23:23

11:56 BALM OF GILEAD - Genesis 37:25; Jeremiah 8 & 46

13:21 BITTER HERBS - Exodus 12:8

16:41 CAPERS - Ecclesiastes 12:5

17:50 CASSIA - Exodus 30:22-25; Psalms 45:7-9; Ezekiel 27:18

18:12 CINNAMON - Exodus 30:23

19:46 CUMIN, MINT & DILL - Isaiah 28:25-28; Matthew 23:23

23:06 FRANKINCENSE - Exodus 30:34-38; Matthew 2:11

25:10 GARLIC - Numbers 11:5

27:03 HYSSOP - Exodus 12:22; Psalms 51:7; Hebrews 9:19; John 19:28-30

30:03 MYRRH - Genesis 43:11; Mark 15:23; Matthew 2:11

31:22 SAFFRON - Song of Solomon 4:14

33:26 More Herbs of the Bible

These are FREE, interactive in-person classes held at Mt. Olive Church in Chippewa, PA on Tuesdays at 7:00PM. RSVP is optional, but helps us with planning - register at - we hope you'll join us!


10/12: "Sabotaging your Kid's Health... how bad can it be?" with special guest speaker Caroline Golmic, CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional), CHHP (Certified Holistic Health Professional), and soon-to-be Naturopathic Doctor! Learn more about her at

10/19: "Farm or Pharm - Let Food Be Thy Medicine"

Herbs of the Bible - PowerPoint
Download PDF • 2.38MB

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