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"Pharm or Farm? Let Food Be Thy Medicine" - Health Seminar Series Session #6

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

In our final session, we look at the difference between synthetic, lab-created pharmaceuticals and whole, food-based supplements. Bonus video below! Also:

  • The 15 Most Dangerous Drugs (prescription, illicit, and some that are available OTC!)

  • Alarming statistics about prescriptions in the US

  • Drug-induced nutritional deficiencies (make sure you're supplementing with what your medications deplete!)

  • "Frood/Frankenfood"

  • Are you getting enough of your vitamins & minerals? Therapeutic Range vs RDA


03:16 Introduction

05:05 Prescription Statistics

06:07 Top 15 Most Dangerous Drugs

33:14 More concerning Prescription Statistics

33:53 Drug-induced Nutritional Deficiencies

39:13 "Side" Effects?

41:20 The problem with "treats" during chemotherapy

43:34 "Frood/Frankenfood" - guess how many POUNDS of additives Americans eat every year!

45:14 Why we need supplements

46:04 Therapeutic Range vs RDA

51:05 Why it matters where you get your vitamins & supplements

51:39 Jenn's trip to the Natural Factors organic farm in British Columbia


Pharm or Farm - PowerPoint
Download PDF • 1.53MB

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