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EPISODE 3: Bill Halle, Butler School Board

"Protecting School Board Authority & Keeping Decisions Local”

We've received multiple inquiries about video footage from our May 8th event co-sponsored by Health Freedom PA. Videographer Con Engels is generously donating his time to edit and publish the 3 hours of footage, and we'll release it as it becomes available.

Many of you are likely joining us from the Health Hut Tribe. While our private group is a wonderful community resource, the level of social media censorship severely limits our ability to discuss topics of this nature online. FB is actively monitoring all posts, including those within groups - and we can't risk "trigger words" shutting our entire voice down on the platform.

That said, we encourage discussion and questions - but we ask that you please keep comments regarding the seminar content contained here on our website using the forms embedded in the blog. Direct friends & family here by sharing the URL directly via email or message, and help spread the truth!


HOW TO GET NOTIFICATIONS ABOUT NEW VIDEOS: Leave a comment (scroll below) and you'll be able to join the community and will get an email notification whenever a new post is published. Thank you for being here!


(Video will open in a new tab, hosted by videographer Con Engels of Right For Liberty)


Other presentations from this event will be released as they become available:

  • Pastor Larry Benttencourt:

“Fight The Good Fight of Faith, and our fight is our values”

  • Jenn Costolo of Health Hut Stores

"The Greatest Form of Social Activism is Keeping Your Body in the Best Health"

  • Diana Campbell of Health Freedom PA

"Censorship, Religious Exemptions and Corporate Influences Limiting Heath Freedoms"

  • Bill Halle of Butler School Board

"Protecting School Board Authority & Keeping Decisions Local"

"Unmask the Children, regarding Unconstitutional LIBERTY stealing Masking of the Children and Adults"

  • Toni Shuppe of Audit the Vote PA

"Regarding election integrity, and Ballet Questions for May 18th Election"

  • Kelly Miller, Host & Owner of Health Hut Stores

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