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"Diabetes TLC" - Health Seminar Series Session #3

Our "Diabetes TLC" session is for EVERYONE, so don't skip out just because you get an A+ on your blood glucose from your doctor. Some of this information will definitely surprise you!

Topic time stamps throughout the session are available in the YouTube description, and a downloadable version of slide show is posted below! This 6-week wellness series offers a free opportunity to learn how to keep you and your family healthy, using the best of what God has provided for us in the natural world.

These are FREE, interactive in-person classes held at Mt. Olive Church in Chippewa, PA on Tuesdays at 7:00PM. RSVP is optional, but helps us with planning - register at - we hope you'll join us!


10/5: Healing Herbs of the Bible and Beyond

10/12: Sabotaging your Kid's Health... how bad can it be?

10/19: Farm or Pharm - Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Diabetes TLC - PowerPoint
Download PDF • 581KB

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Feb 23

Attending the 'Diabetes TLC' seminar was truly enlightening. Learning about the latest advancements in diabetes treatment has given me a renewed sense of hope and empowerment in managing my condition. The session provided valuable insights into various treatment options, from medication to lifestyle modifications, emphasizing the importance of personalized care. Understanding how to effectively monitor blood sugar levels and make informed choices regarding diet and exercise has become more manageable thanks to the comprehensive information shared. I feel motivated to take proactive steps towards better managing my diabetes and improving my overall health.

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